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Water Has Memory

Water has memory. If the human body is made up of 60 percent water, does this give hope to the forgetful?

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Parenting by App

We had a well-used, secondhand copy of Dr. Spock. Our children have apps on their phones and tablets. Parenting in the age of clicks and cuddles.

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The Stuff of Life

Sherry Roberts is not an expert on anything. When she wrote op-ed pieces for USA Today, her editor called her writing "views from the hearth."

That's what this place is: Sherry's thoughts on regular stuff, important stuff, stuff you ponder while sitting around the hearth or the kitchen table. Topics range from current events to the Sanity Toolkit (ideas to get you through the day).

Maybe you've thought about some of these things too. We bet you have.

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Sherry’s Books

In addition to her essays, Sherry Roberts has written several novels. If you enjoy her writing, please check out this title.

Or see all of Sherry's books on the Books page. Thank you for reading.