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My books are about people seeking justice and peace. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So, my characters struggle with choices and with finding goodness and doing good when it is not always easy. Most of all, we all want inner peace and love. My wish for you is that you find both—and along the way, enjoy a good book or two.

For quick information about my books, click the titles below. I write both fiction and mysteries. For more detail, including sample chapters, please see my author website.


Up There

Born with the gift of flight, but she’s no Mary Poppins. Ariel Lee must face her fears to save her town and her love.

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Crow Calling

Yoga teacher Maya Skye and reporter Peter Jorn try to save the monarchs while they search for the killer of an environmentalist in book three of this cozy mystery series.

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Warrior’s Revenge

Yoga teacher Maya Skye and reporter Peter Jorn battle an old friend turned new enemy in book 2 of this Minnesota mystery series.

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Down Dog Diary

Yoga teacher Maya Skye inherits a book of startling scents and mysterious secrets that leads to a hunt for a killer in book 1 of the Maya Skye novels.

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Book of Mercy

Dyslexic Antigone Brown, pregnant with her first child, fights a North Carolina town banning books.

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Maud’s House

Creativity is life’s greatest journey until . . . A Vermont artist struggles to find her lost creativity in this funny and angry comedy.

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