One of my favorite parts of the Bryant and May mysteries written by Christopher Fowler is the hilarious staff memo at the beginning of the books. So in a nod to Mr. Fowler, here is a memo on my last week.

My daughter Suzanne got married on April 29 on an incredible day that somehow proved once again that Minnesota can behave when it wants to. Fourteen days after the skies dropped 16 inches of snow on us, the day bloomed cloudless, bright, and warm. It was as perfect as a Disney movie, and I half-expected woodland creatures to break out in song.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Nobody fell down (that I know of). People loved the food (or so they claimed). And my kid never stopped smiling. Can you really ask for anything more of a wedding?

Every wedding has its own personality, but I have noted some similarities in the weddings of my two daughters. Both chose the Minnesota banks of the Mississippi River as the site for their nuptials. I grew up by this fast-moving water in Missouri, but never considered it particularly celebratory. As a child, the Big Muddy looked just that—big and muddy. But the Mississippi brought a timeless quality to both of our wedding events, as if to say that promises made in its presence are not so much flotsam. They are forever, and I certainly hope that for my children.

Both of my daughters also have exchanged vows within months of royal weddings in England. (See my take on my daughter Sarah’s and Kate Middleton’s weddings.) The English may have it on us when it comes to hats (or fascinators as the Brits call them—and doesn’t that say it all?), but we cannot be matched for our way with artificial flowers, sparkly hearts, and arbor festooning.

Live happily ever after, my love, with your Mister.

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Other matters that happened in the world last week:

If you follow American politics, don’t. Just don’t.

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To the neighbor who left a live chicken in a cage in the hot sun on the street corner, are you kidding me? If you are not prepared to be a pet owner, stay away from cute Easter cheepers. Little chickens grow into big chickens and require big chicken love. And just because you included an empty water bottle and a sack of chicken feed, doesn’t get you off the hook.

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It was reported that gas prices will climb this summer. Don’t let that keep you from enjoying the season, especially in Minnesota, where we are quite season aware. Our summer nights are long, and our grass grows greener by the hour. We Americans have the cheapest gas in the world so let’s stop complaining. Travel and spread some love—before winter comes again. And pick up after yourself. Have you seen how much plastic and trash is making its way into our oceans and rivers?

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Finally, I will leave you with a message I gave to the newlyweds:

Hold each other each night, and laugh with each other each morning. And remember, perhaps the best thing you can do for your marriage is to follow these three simple rules: Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.