Saving the Monarchs & Catching a Killer

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A warning of crows. A murdered environmentalist. A bleeding-heart butterfly sanctuary. Everyone in Gabriel’s Garden knows who’s to blame: the Skyes. Can yoga master Maya Skye find the killer before someone else dies? The crows bring her clues. So does local newspaperman Peter Jorn. Even the dead man—a modern-day Johnny Appleseed—has tales to tell from his violent past.

This unconventional cozy combines the intrigue of small-town Minnesota with an absorbing mystery and the challenge of saving the monarchs.

This is Book Three in the Maya Skye series. Book One is Down Dog Diary. Book Two is Warrior’s Revenge. All of the books in this cozy mystery collection feature a strong heroine, unforgettable characters, and dilemmas that test our heart and spirituality.

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From the author

In Crow Calling, book three of the Maya Skye series, I wanted to talk about transformation—and the need to change. The book takes place a year after Warrior’s Revenge, and many of the characters have experienced change in their lives. The book also has an environmental message. As the Skye family says, “You only get one world.” To which, I might add: “So don’t blow it.”


“The environment is the focus of this fast-paced story . . . Maya and her family are interesting characters and Roberts writes in a breezy style that’s lots of fun. The clever crows, who seem to be sending Maya a message, offer mysticism to enhance the plot.”
Mary Ann Grossmann, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

“In Crow Calling, Sherry Roberts seamlessly weaves murder, ecology and small-town paranoia into a mystery only her beautiful, intuitive yoga instructor, Maya Skye, could unravel—for it is Maya who understands the language of crows. Reader, enjoy!”
Faith Sullivan, author of Good Night Mr. Wodehouse

“A solid mystery entwined with mystical threads, Crow Calling kept me intrigued to the very end. Learning about pollinator gardens and the desperate plight of our monarch butterflies was an unexpected bonus. I always look forward to visiting Gabriel’s Garden. Thank you, Sherry Roberts!”
Timya Owen, author and editor, Dark Side of the Loon, a Twin Cities Sisters in Crime anthology

“A murder of crows, a dead environmentalist, and sabotage in a butterfly sanctuary set yogi-turned-sleuth Maya Skye on the trail of a killer. Deftly plotted and laced with Roberts’s signature wit, Crow Calling brings readers back to Gabriel’s Garden for another satisfying Minnesota-born mystery.“
Ann Woodbeck, author and bookseller