Old friend turns new enemy

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Vengeance stalks them. Mysterious messages hurl small-town yoga teacher Maya Skye and reporter Peter Jorn down a trail of betrayal, revenge, and grief that ultimately will test Maya’s own depths of forgiveness. “When loss is too great, love can unhinge us all,” warns a stranger. Maya is about to find out just how true that is.

This Minnesota mystery with a yoga spirit is book 2 in the Maya Skye novels.

Some things you ought to know about Maya

  • Yoga teacher Maya Skye’s search for inner peace is regularly interrupted by mayhem. She won’t back down from a fight.
  • Her stories blend adventure, humor, Native American lore, and Zen attitude.
  • Her adventures are perfect for you if you love mysteries with strong heroines and unforgettable characters. Or you love yoga. Or you just love Minnesota.

From the author

In Warrior’s Revenge, the second book in the Maya Skye series, I got to spend more time with Maya’s family and even meet a new member (a grandmother Maya didn’t even know she had). This book is about choices and how we handle the darkness that comes to our door. And, yes, the crows do appear again to help Maya.

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“Magical, mystical Maya is the gal I want playing on my team—a warrior with brains, beauty, and an X-factor!”
—Faith Sullivan, author of Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse