The wind is calling her . . . again

A magical story of love and self-discovery for those who dream of flying.

Midwest Book Awards Finalist
Indie Author Project Select Title

Ariel Lee comes from a long line of women with the gift of flight. The wind speaks to her and helps her secretly ride the skies above the family farm in Cosette, Minnesota, but it also causes her trouble. When she decides to reject the call of the wind, she loses her connection not only with the skies but with herself. Years later, Ariel is drawn back to Cosette, where she finds the wind—and a storm of decisions—waiting for her. Can she rediscover her place in this world of wind and sky in time to save herself and the man she loves?

Up There lifts readers into a captivating blend of magical realism as it explores love, small-town life, the environment, and one woman’s quest to find herself.

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From the author

I wrote the first draft of Up There in uncertain times. Like so many others then and still, I was seeking comfort and love, and this story brought me both.

From the book

Reflections of Ariel Lee: “I am from a long line of women who can ride the wind. According to my grandmother who could drift on summer breezes like a feather, this is the best of worlds and the worst. And I can attest to that. Because of this power, I have been confused and angry. I have been battered and hurt, and I have hurt others. I have driven my own father away until he is just a song in my head. I have been a constant worry to my mother. And yet, I experienced some of my happiest moments Up There in the skies—until the day I gave it all up.”

“A magical story in which the wind is a living thing and speaks to young Ariel, causing her nothing but trouble. In Up There, Sherry Roberts spins an enchanting tale of self-discovery that climaxes in a literal cataclysmic whirlwind as the adult Ariel finally comes to terms with the person she was always meant to be. Roberts’s vivid imagery almost lifts off the page to float away in the breeze.”

—Michael Allan Mallory, author of the award-winning The Lost Dragon Murder

“Up There is stunning, with beautiful writing and a magical story that is heart-wrenching at times but mostly heart-warming, amusing, smart, and fast-paced. Up There is ideal for book clubs and readers who have loved novels such as Remarkably Bright Creatures and All The Light You Cannot See and Plainsong. Such novels take one’s breath away and Up There did that for me. As soon as I finished it I wanted to experience it again. The story starts with a little girl who is “different”—Ariel Lee can lift herself into the wind and communicate with it. Ariel is made to wear heavy shoes to hide this supposed affliction and keep her grounded (a metaphor that works well). Schoolmates taunt Ariel for her clunky shoes and supposed problem. Even as she becomes a young woman and sheds the burdensome shoes, complications ensue because she fears being true to herself, and that conundrum allows the story to take off again like the wind itself. Trouble brews at every turn with bullies, friends, family, a long lost father, special friend Ruddy, and nature itself. The Minnesota setting is a major character in this novel, adding to the reading pleasure. Highly recommended novel!”—Christine DeSmet, author, writing instructor

—Christine DeSmet, author, writing instructor

Sherry Roberts is stunningly gifted in braiding together the world as we know it with what it could be. Her world-making vibrates with believability, and in Up There she enchants us again. Ariel Lee is Robert’s most endearing character yet. Your heart will break for Ariel as she navigates coming of age as well as coming to terms with what makes her unlike anyone else, and how much one will sacrifice for the people we love.”

—Susan Thurston-Hamerski, MALS, author of Sister of Grendel